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Dating a Divorced Man? Look Out for These Red Flags – Tips for Single Moms

Are you a single mom who is dating a man with a divorced past? Are there certain signs that you should be aware of to determine if he is a suitable partner?

Dating after divorce can be challenging, and even more so when children are involved. It’s not uncommon for single moms to find themselves attracted to men who have gone through the same experience. However, it’s important to spot red flags early on in the relationship.

If you are a single mom who is dating a divorced man, it’s important to keep an eye out for warning signs that could indicate potential problems down the line. From issues with the ex-spouse to difficulties adjusting to co-parenting, this article will provide you with valuable insight on what behaviors and attitudes should raise concern when dating someone with a prior divorce.

Single moms who are looking to date again deserve a fulfilling and healthy relationship just like anyone else. However, it’s important to approach dating with caution, especially when considering dating a divorced man. While there are certainly many great men out there who have been divorced and make wonderful partners, there are also some red flags that single moms should watch out for.

Here are some signs for single moms to look out for when dating a divorced man:

He Bad-Mouths His Ex

If your date is constantly speaking ill of their ex-wife or ex-girlfriend, this could be a major red flag. It’s normal to talk about past relationships, but if he only has negative things to say about his former partner, it may indicate unresolved anger or bitterness that could cause problems in your relationship.

He’s Not Ready for a Relationship

If the man you’re seeing seems hesitant or unwilling to discuss future plans or wants to take things slow, it’s okay as long as he communicates his intention up front. But if you want someone who is ready for something more serious right now and he isn’t able to meet those expectations, it might be best to move on.

Communication is Poor

When communication breaks down in any relationship things can become tense and difficult. If the guy you’re seeing is unable or unwilling to communicate effectively, this could be an issue further down the line.


While we all have certain beliefs and values that we hold dear, inflexibility can be problematic in relationships . Inflexibility coupled with arrogance indicates a lack of empathy which can often lead to explosive arguments and constant differences of opinions.

Lack of Empathy

The ability to empathize with others – one’s partner -is central in any long-lasting relationship. Someone who lacks compassion and remorse will likely not show understanding during challenging times.

No Effort Into Resolving Conflict

In any relationship conflicts will arise from time to time – it’s how we handle them that matters most though. If he tends to shut down when confronted with conflict or withdraws emotionally, consider whether this is an approach you can work with long-term.


It’s important for single moms entering the dating world after divorce to take things slow and watch out for these potential red flags. While not all divorced men display these warning signs, being mindful of them will help ensure that you find someone who values open communication, empathy, respectfulness towards women and most importantly enriches your life rather than draining your energy levels respectively. Dating as a single mom comes with its own unique set of challenges which means paying extra attention to certain areas like these red flags when dating someone who has been through divorce before ensures you make wise choices about who you invest valuable time with while caring for your family responsibilities at the same time.